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// AEARY艾瑞世界名画奢侈品

We are a start-up enterprise dedicated to world famous painting exhibitions, luxury goods and other global businesses.

Our primary goal is to have a place in the luxury industry! In addition to the main general design luxury goods, our main design style is the national style luxury goods, that is, the design shows the artistic characteristics of each country, and combines them with each product for limited sale! Let every country have its own luxury!

We have our own understanding of luxury goods, which can be summarized as follows

1. To ensure that you buy our luxury goods must maintain the value! We have buy-back service within 60 years! Within 60 years, 80% of the after-tax price of any luxury goods (Non consumables, such as perfume ets except)you buy from us will be refund to you in the way you want, if you want to return the goods and tell us your unique number and password which you set yourself! Please understand that 60 years is our tentative minimum conservative years, which will only increase! It is very likely that the service will be changed to lifelong  service in the future,  it is no matter when you buy it. As long as the policy changes, the buy-back period of all products will increase, and 60 years is the minimum conservative buy-back period!

2. For the top 1000 customers who have accumulated 10000 US dollars to support us, we will thank our company in the form of annual dividends. The quota is limited! This is welfare!

3. We carefully study and make the design and materials of every luxury item! In addition to mass luxury goods, high-end luxury goods are all designed and handmade by teams to better reflect the cultural characteristics of each country.

4. We always believe that large enterprises should have a sense of social responsibility, and we never think that 80% of the after-tax money of customers is ours, and that is still customers'! So we will use this part of money to help some individuals who need money temporarily. On the premise of ensuring the value of the money, Apply for license,we will lend it to individuals at a very low interest rate and do a good job of risk control!

5. Each of our luxury goods is sold in limited quantity, which is of great collection value!

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What We Provide

Excellent Luxury Design Team

Excellent Luxury Design Team

Powerful after-sales service system, online all year round, perfectly answering a series of after-sales customer sales questions

Painting exchange

Painting exchange

Twice a year painting exchange service for various art exhibitions, with self paid shipping costs

Guidance: one-on-one guidance

Guidance: one-on-one guidance

Terminal exhibition support, providing exhibition hall concept design

Luxury and other areas benefit first

Luxury and other areas benefit first

Regional luxury goods sharing, as long as the purchasing address belongs to the franchise hotel region, all enjoy benefits

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